Valentin Leather


This beautiful island has been populated since around 9.500 BC. From the Paleolithic to the present, it became a home for Levantines, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Hellenes, Romans and Byzantines, Crusaders, Venetians, Ottomans, Britons and Greeks replica omega watches .

Alexander the Great has have us the island where "gods go on vacation" and has become known as the island of Aphrodite. The Romans and Byzantines have mined copper and defended them against pirates. Richard I. Lionheart has named it Kingdom of Cyprus. The Venetians have driven trade and commerce. Ottomans have freed slaves and run business. British appreciated it as trading route base and Greeks culturally developed this island.

Valentine leather and fur company has been producing leather as our ancestors did.
Our selective collection is produced in our own tanneries and sewing sites including famous brands and world wide known stylists

Leather has always been used in the lifestyle of us humans. In the past leather was treated in many different ways ( urine, brain oils liquids, minerals, salt, pigeon excrements)

Our leather is provided from sheep, lamb, safian lamb, merino, tuscany, interfino witch are all considered as small cattle.

Tanning process in the last years true out the world is applied by chemicals, instead us Valentin leather and fur company use even today the old and classic way of Tanning the leather and proffer to do so during the process

Valenti leather and fur uses barks such as ( Oak, Chestnut, Spruce) we place the leather in a well for 10 months and wait before the process takes place.

As a second method we also use Rhubarb root in leather tanning. The process takes 16 months.

These two methods of tanning are the only ways that don't harm both humans and nature. Unlike the chemical usage our process is not a cheap and in expensive one, our way of working is quite expensive and long in process. Thus this provides as the advantage for the leather is to breed and shape up as we determine and dose not loose its quality by 98%. This result helps us facilitating the process of dying the leather with natural techniques (herbs, tree roots, flower powder).

Thanks to the natural dying process the leather maintains its quality and the color for many years.
Our product are manufactured by non allergic and chemical free substances
Valentine leather and fur uses only natural ingredients in its production.